RARA Weekly #015

RARA bot soft launch, PartyBid, and more

Welcome to Edition #015 of RARA Weekly where we highlight new and emergent Internet 🌐 artists + communities in the social money and cryptomedia (NFTs) space.

RARA soft launches to 15+ communities

Last week, RARA.social launched RARA bot + Social Wallets for Social NFT Auctions to our Alpha RA waitlist. Social NFT Auctions are auctions run directly inside your Telegram or Discord community where artists, bidders, and fans like to hang out most. Request Alpha RA access for your community at RARA.social.

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RARA.house’s General Admission Community Call

Thursday’s 12 (PDT) // 3pm (EDT)

Join RARA.house’s community call to learn more about getting Alpha RA access to the RARA bot + social wallets. Earn a little cred while you’re there, too.

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Last Week on the 🌐 Internet

05.04 // “Seat at the Table” 1/1 NFT sale ends in a PartyBid ($PARTY)

This one requires a bit of a backstory. Colin and Samir, YouTube creators who amassed an audience of ~260,000 by being the go-to-source of content for creators a la being a “creator’s creator”, dropped a 1/1 NFT that “symbolizes the bridge between the Creator Economy and the Crypto community.

After a healthy amount of social signal bidding, the 1/1 NFT eventually sold for 9.7ETH (~$34k) to the first ever PartyBid DAO.

PartyBid was idea spun out a Friday night Twitter exchange between Denis Nazarov of Mirror.xyz and Dave White of Paradigm. The idea was to create a “pop-up DAO whose sole purpose is to win an NFT auction.” (link)

From twitter idea to someone else’s code, it only took the weekend for Anish Agnihotri, an 18y/o intern at Polychain, to build it.

Two weeks later, Anish deployed the first PartyBid DAO to bid and eventually win Colin and Samir’s “Seat at the Table NFT.”

Hours later, Denis launches and raises 25ETH for PartyDAO ($PARTY) on Mirror to continue building out and get PartyBid “production-ready” for the world.

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When we say a crypto week is like an IRL month or year, this is what we mean. Sh*t moves quick.

// 05.04 // ENS’s .eth name spaces turned 4 y/o

Ethereum Naming Service, the go-to naming service for your public Ethereum account and one of the first NFTs (May 2017, one month before Crypto Punks), turned four years old. Personally, it’s been incredibly exciting to see ENS take off this year. From twitter names to social signaling on NFT bids, .eth addresses are becoming prolific in the crypto social world. HBD 🥳 ENS.

Worth a 🔊 listen

RARA.social is Hiring

RARA is hiring full-stack engineers to join RARA as a founding engineer to drive major contributions from the front of the Web3 interface level to the native crypto incentives level. Prior crypto ⛓️ experience is not needed but curiosity is 🤌.

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Continue reading about the rara.social/hiring or apply on AngelList.