RARA Weekly #016

Bankless drops $BANK, $FWB raises $700k, Social Token Hackathon, and more

Welcome to Edition #016 of RARA 🗞️ Weekly where we highlight new and emergent Internet 🌐 communities and artists in the social money and cryptomedia (NFTs) space.

📅 Events this week

RARA.house’s General Admission Community Call

Every Thursday // 12 (PDT) // 3pm (EDT)

Join RARA.house’s community call to learn more Alpha RA for the RARA bot, social wallets, and social NFT auctions. Add to my calendar.

Seed 🌱 Club’s Social Token Track at Open Web’s Community Conference + Hackathon

Friday (05.14) through 06.06.2021

Calling all developers, community leaders, or creators. Join the 3 week hackathon to build the future of social tokens in Web3. Hack at your project and participate in weekly events and AMA’s while earning $NEAR tokens. Register 👉 here.

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Last Week on the 🌐 Internet

// 05.04 // Bankless launches $BANK DAO

Bankless, one of the leading educators for the crypto and defi community, launched Bankless DAO ($BANK). The Bankless DAO is a “decentralized community to coordinate and propagate bankless media, culture, and education.” Started as newsletter years ago by RYAN SΞAN ADAMS, Bankless has grown into a complete media powerhouse with a (very profitable) daily newsletter, podcast, and community in excess of 50,000. $BANK will definitely be a community token to watch.

Ra. RA! To all those striving to be Bankless.

// 05.06 // $FWB raises $700k in Season Two, focuses on Curator DAO

FWB (Friends with Benefits community), announced that it sold $700,000 of $FWB community token to Divergence, Variant, Collab+Currency, Nascent, GPs of Polychain, The LAO, MetaCartel Ventures and Galaxy Interactive. The raise comes on the heals of FWB’s successful token upgrade to FWB Pro after the TryRoll hack and launch of Season Two. From social token community to curator DAO, RARA is closely following FWB as one of its favorite token curated communities.

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05.06 // imnotArt’s community art house in Cryptovoxels

Mick from RARA stumbled into imnotArt’s community gallery in Cryptovoxels last week featuring the artist @jakeosmun and spotlighting the artists @alina_loseva and @MrRudeManners. Let’s just say we were super impressed.

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Worth a 🔊 listen

RARA.social is Hiring

RARA is hiring full-stack engineers to join RARA as a founding engineer to drive major contributions from the front of the Web3 interface level to the native crypto incentives level. Prior crypto ⛓️ experience is not needed but curiosity is 🤌.

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Continue reading about the rara.social/hiring or apply on AngelList.