RARA Weekly #017


Welcome to Edition #017 of RARA 🗞️ Weekly where we highlight new and emergent Internet 🌐 communities and artists in the social money and cryptomedia (NFTs) space.



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📅 Events this week (and beyond)

The next few weeks are stacked with RARA x Collab Events. Subscribe to RARA.house’s calendar to never miss an event. Here’s the run down.

Podcast Recording of “The Matthew and Rizzle Show” in RARA.house

Thursday (05.21) // 8:30AM Pacific Time

Join RARA.house server to listen to the The Matthew and Rizzle Show LIVE while RARA jams with the creators of TokenSmart.

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RARA.house’s General Admission Community Call

Every Thursday // 12 Pacific Time

As RARA.house’s weekly community, we jam on updates to the product and new tech in the social money and NFT space. Add to my calendar.

RARA x OG Punks

Friday (05.21) // 12pm Pacific Time // OG Punks Discord

Live auction of #301 - #330 OG Punks sold directly to the community. Includes special mystery OG Punks. Join OG Punk’s discord here.

[Cryptic] Auction // Decentraland

Saturday (05.22) // 12pm Pacific Time

~~REDACTED~~ Invite only event. DM us on twitter to request access.

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RARA x South Park Commons

Thursday (05.20) 4pm PT // SPC Discord Server

Fireside Chat on Crypto Social Experiences hosted by Kennedy McDaniel (@BioOptimist) of SPC and Canid.io.

TokenSmart x RARA Community Auction

Tuesday (05.25) // 4pm ET / 1pm PT // TokenSmart Discord

Join TokenSmart community for LIVE Social NFT Auction. Details for artists + NFT to follow.Join TokenSmart’s discord here.

Last Week on the 🌐 Internet

// 05.14 // PleasrDAO purchases Tor Project NFT for 500Ξ

PleasrDAO, the same DAO that purchased Edward Snowden’s NFT benefiting Freedom of the Press, won the “Dreaming at Dusk” NFT auction for 500 ETH (~$2M at time of purchase) for the benefit of the Tor Project. As strong believers in tools empowering Internet citizens, RARA expects more statement collecting by one of the most interesting curator DAO’s of 2021.

A bonus? The sale was the highest NFT sale price ever by a female artist. Congrats to the artist, Itzel Yard!

RARA Social is running for the $WRITE Race this Wednesday. We want your vote.

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// 05.14 // Delphi Digital launches first NFT DAO via Syndicate protocol

Delphi Digital, a crypto fund and media company, launched Delphi INFINFT with Gmoney.eth to curate NFTs as a community.

The launch like PleasrDAO, Flamingo 🦩 DAOs, and others make it pretty clear that DAOs are the social networks of crypto where reputation and signaling are both the product and incentive system.

// 05.13 // Zora drops Auction House Protocol

Zora, an NFT platform in the middle of the Zeitgeist, launched Auction House, “an open and permissionless protocol….that allows any creator, community, platform or DAO to create and run their own curated NFT auction houses.”

Pretty cool when you realize that, like Uniswap, there is no admin key. A truly unstoppable auction house owned by none (but soon to be governed by some). Read more about the Auction House protocol here.

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1st Week of May (Uniswap V3, Elon Musk SNL Dogecoin, Bankless DAO, ETH & BTC)

As always Bankless’ Rollup Podcast, this one really hit. But, the kicker? More details on the Bankless DAO start at 39:41. Give it a listen 🎧 here.

RARA.social is Hiring

RARA is hiring full-stack engineers to join RARA as a founding engineer to drive major contributions from the front of the Web3 interface level to the native crypto incentives level. Prior crypto ⛓️ experience is not needed but curiosity is 🤌.

Apply to RARA.social

Continue reading about the rara.social/hiring or apply on AngelList.