RARA Weekly #019

Miami's Crypto Week, AGAH Community Meme Auction, and JPG launch

Welcome to Edition #019 of RARA 🗞️ Weekly where we highlight new and emergent Internet 🌐 communities and artists in the social money and cryptomedia (NFTs) space.

✅ RARA Alpha Launch Week

That was one helluva of launch week. Here’s what it looked like in the numbers. 

Collabs x Collabs x Collabs (5 collab events to be precise), 11 communities integrated with over 27,000 users, and 65% of spending RA!’s on NFTs. Pretty incredible. 

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📅 Events this week

Miami’s Crypto Week

RARA’s team in Miami. DM @lwsnbaker on twitter to meet up. Here are some of the Social Money + NFT events we’re 👀 eyeing.

Thursday // 06.03

// PalmTreesin’s launch party for AR Palm 🌴 Tree NFTs + Auction

Friday // 06.04

// Seedclub x IDEO Lunch (INVITE ONLY)

// DeYacht Party by AAVE x Upshot x Skynet x Slingshot x NEAR x Akash x HNS (INVITE ONLY)

// #PalmTreeCrew’s launch party with a very special electronic artists guest 🤫 

Saturday // 06.05

// Audius x [REDACTED] MIAMI!

Want more events? Check out the Miami City + Event Guide from our friends at $FWB.

Twitter avatar for @FWBtweetsFriends With Benefits ($FWB) 🤌 @FWBtweets
Looking to explore MIA? Our community built the first(?) Web3 City Guide ahead of this week's takeover. It's 10 $FWB to access.
miami.fwb.help Need 10 $FWB? —Buy on @Uniswap —Have an FWB member send you some🫂 —RT this & reply w/ your wallet addy. We'll choose @ random Image

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RARA x Collab Events This Week

AGAH x RARA // Community Meme Auction

Friday // 06.04 // AGAH’s Telegram (Join here)

Join one of the largest telegram NFT auction communities, Art Gallery Auction House, as they host the first RARA Social NFT Auction in Telegram. On the auction block? Special Edition AGAH community memes. 

Special Ed. General Admission Community Call

Today at 2pm ET // 11am PT

Join RARA.house’s community call for Round #2 of the Sound of RA! with NkxCrypto  Add to my calendar.

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Last Week on the 🌐 Internet

05.28 // JPG launches protocol for curators 🤝 creators

Juried Protocol Galleries (JPG) launched a “registry-based curation protocol” that essentially allows anyone to host a gallery of NFTs and get paid for any subsequent sale. JPG comes on the heals of Zora’s Auction House protocol launch which we talked about in RARA Weekly #017. The difference? 🤷‍♀️

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Polls This Week

Community tokens have so many uses cases. Here’s what users think today.

While this is a little off topic to NFTs + social money, the community’s understanding of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 is pretty critical to on-going support and building in the Ethereum ecosystem. Learn more about EIP 1559. As for the price? Who knows.

RARA.social is Still Hiring

Hiring is in full swing. With over 25 intro calls in the last week for a single position as our last founding engineer, we are moving now. Apply now.

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