RARA Weekly #18

RARA Bot available for install, $ASH NFT burn, Collabs, and more

Welcome to Edition #018 of RARA 🗞️ Weekly where we highlight new and emergent Internet 🌐 communities and artists in the social money and cryptomedia (NFTs) space.

RARA Bot available for install

FINALLY!! Alpha RA access to RARA’s bot for Social NFT Auctions is live.

Install RARA bot in Discord

On Telegram? Install RARA bot by adding “RARA_Social_bot” to your Telegram group. Then run “startauction [opensea NFT URL].”

Did we mention it pays to join, bid, and engage with RARA!?


10, 9, 8, 7….


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📅 Events this week (and beyond)

RARA’s Alpha Launch continues with Collabs x Collabs x Collabs as Social NFT Auctions stack up. Subscribe to RARA.house’s calendar to never miss an event.

/startauction [OpenSea NFT URL]


TokenSmart x RARA Community Auction

Tuesday (05.25) // 4pm ET / 1pm PT // TokenSmart Discord

Enter the TokenSmart community for their first LIVE Social NFT Auction of a community favorite, AvastarsJoin TokenSmart’s discord here.

🔊 Sound of RA! at RARA.house’s General Admission’s Community Call

Thursday’s // 12 Pacific Time // 3pm NYC // 8pm London

Join RARA.house’s weekly community call as we jam on the sound designs for RARA’s crypto social experience platform. Add to my calendar.

Join RARA House

RARA x OG Punks

Friday // OG Punks Discord

OG Punks held their first Social NFT Auction last week and plan on making the event recurring. Join OG Punk’s discord here and follow @OGpunkz for event details.

Last Week on the 🌐 Internet

Pak launches $ASH, an experiment in curation, community, and liquidity in NFTs

Pak, creator of Archillect, recently launched $ASH, a social currency meets a curation DAO meets a psychology experiment. Honestly, it’s giving RARA mad FOMO3D and POWH3D vibes.

Per burn.art, “$ASH is a social currency backed by curated extinction. The value, the utility and the identity of $ASH is balanced by its users…$ASH can be mined by burning NFTs, bringing a dynamic balance to scarcity. For every NFT you burn you make the rest rarer, favoring their collectors.”

On a glance, this sound like an experiment in identifying who liked burning G.I. Joes as a kid but further digging reveals something a bit more interesting.

Continue reading about $ASH here.

I want you to vote for RARA on Mirror.xyz

RARA Social is running for the $WRITE Race. Voting opens Wednesday at 3pm ET.

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While we are on the subject of burning tokens, the markets dumped all week. Do with this what you will.

Poll of the Week

No poll this week but I’ll keep hammering this one home. Not investment advice, blah, blah.

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Worth a 📖 read

“How to launch a token” on FOREFRONT ($FF)

Cooper Turley, crypto strategy at Audius and community at $FWB, wrote a great starter guide to how to launch a token on Forefront. Check it out here.

Worth a 🔊 listen

#21: Beauty and Punk, A Conversation with an OG Cryptopunk

“Half the [buying an NFT] experience is connecting [with the creator],” NFT Nick on The NFT Nick Show podcast. Continue listening here.

RARA.social is Hiring

With intro calls + technical interviews in full swing, RARA is still hiring full-stack engineers to join our founding engineer team. Help RARA drive major contributions from the front of the Web3 interface level to the native crypto incentives level. Prior crypto ⛓️ experience is not required but curiosity is a 🤌 must.

Apply to RARA.social